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Apple The Apple Tree | VIDEO
Growing unnoticed in the back yard, the apple is a quiet servant, it grows squat and low, pruned of its crown to serve others. Though humble in demeanor, it greets the Spring thaw with a bouquet of flowers and offers the Fall a banquet of fruit.

America "America" (strength from the roots) | VIDEO
The magnificent crown of this spruce, which had proudly reached for the heavens, has been struck leaving a potentially mortal injury. Fortunately, during its inception, its roots had found deep crevices in the solid rock, which secure it and provide sustenance. Surviving base branches gather energy from the sun and a leading shoot has sprung again to the skies in a continuing quest to fulfill its destiny.

Cedar Cedar (by the waterís edge) | VIDEO
This playful tree loves to challenge the boundary between the security of land and the adventure of the waterís edge.

Elm The American Elm | VIDEO
With their tall trunks and graceful spanning arches this aristocratic tree once transformed the streets of America into majestic colonnades. Today, isolated specimens stand aloof, with the delicate tracery of their branches forming an elegant canopy inspiring dignity and reverence.

Birches The Clump of Birches
A tree of life and vitality, there is constant motion, quivering leaves, and rapid prorogation into a clearing. Its flashy white bark begs for attention. Alone, the tree is short-lived, but paired with another, the trees achieve a unity, providing strength and completeness.

Blue Spruce The Blue Spruce | VIDEO
Standing unmoved and unchanging through wintry blasts and summer benevolence, this tall, proud evergreen spire displays resolute commitment toward a noble purpose.

Bald Cypress Bald Cypress | VIDEO
This Southern tree shows grace and accommodation. Its elegant trunk rises tall from its swampy origins. A fluted, flaring trunk supports it and unique knee roots absorb needed oxygen.

Maple The Maple | VIDEO
The maple is a gregarious tree. Its tidy, rounded, and symmetrical form pleases the eye, and its outreaching branches welcome the observer to its shade. The maple is easy to love, and its social mood climaxes with brilliant fall color and an offering of sweet sap.

Cypress The Monterey Cypress | VIDEO
Tormented by wind and time, twisted by relentless forces, and split wide by adversity, this courageous tree clings resolutely to its appointed station, and with hope unending, reaches for the sky.

Red Oak The Red Oak | VIDEO
The sinewy roots rise from the forest floor to form strong columns which buttress the massive trunk of the trustworthy oak. It is the protector of the forest, somber and steadfast. Its powerful, outreaching limbs provide sanctuary and nurture for the creatures of its realm.

Quaking Aspen The Quaking Aspen | VIDEO
Quaking Aspen energize the slopes of the Rockies. With unrestrained vitality, they tremble and sing praises in silver and gold. In lofty breezes, their spires proclaim the freedom of majestic peaks. Two trees grow together as one, providing strength and completeness.

White Pine The White Pine | VIDEO
Standing alone and unmoved by summer breezes and winter gales, this rugged evergreen spire reaches proudly for the freedom of the skies.

The Banyan Tree The Banyan Tree | VIDEO
A tree of community, spreading its broad canopy to enclose and shelter its citizens below, the adventitious roots drop and form secondary trunks, like a grand colonnade.

The Bristlecone Pine The Bristlecone Pine
A tree of incredible endurance, which persists with exposed skeletal structure revealing eons of experience. Yet at its newest boundary, a tuft of fresh needles greets today with something new.

The Ginkgo The Ginkgo
A primordial tree with the primitive branching of a conifer in its youth and the broad spreading limbs of an oak at maturity, this tree displays an ageless persistence.

Golden Aspen Golden Aspen
Full of energy, full of hope, this Aspen celebrates the Fall with a flash of brilliant gold.

Heart on Fire Heart on Fire | VIDEO
Bursting with joy and blessed with exuberance, this tree cannot help but proclaim loudly its gratitude. It burns brightly but is never consumed.

Autumn Maple Autumn Maple
A gregarious tree having its Fall party in brilliant color.


The Redbud Tree The Redbud Tree | VIDEO
The "promised kiss of springtime," bursting forth with lavender flowers to greet the delighted viewer.

The Bradford Pear The Bradford Pear | VIDEO
Shortly after the leaving of the snows of winter, we awake to find a new, and enchanting frosting upon this tidy little friend.

The Pink Dogwood The Pink Dogwood
This small Easter harbinger awakes from slumber with a profusion of dainty, pink and white flowering crosses.

The Golden Rain Tree The Golden Rain Tree
This glamorous tree reveals apple-green leaves in the spring which quickly covert to a golden crown in the sub-tropical sun.

The Flame Tree The Flame Tree
The Poinciana unabashedly startles the viewer with a red crown of flowers, unsurpassed in the tree world.

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